Barbara (22) and Fatima (22) are the brains behind BREAKING BORDERS. The two journalists both have their own reasons for making this film.

©Iris Verhoeven                                                                                                                                        Fatima Warsame and Barbara Vollebregt

Fatima: “Telling stories of people that don’t have a voice, is very important to me. And as a journalist and columnist, issues regarding gender, discrimination and migration are always in the back of my mind when choosing my productions.

So when I heard the story of Ibrahim I was compelled by the way he talked, reflected and told his story and journey. It was then that Barbara and I had no other choice then to make a documentary about him. As it is our first documentary we have a long, new and exciting time ahead of us, but I am looking forward to it.”

Barbara: “Ever since I was a little kid I loved listening to stories. Whether it was my mom talking about her childhood or a stranger talking about his job. In combination with wanting to know everything about everything, it wasn’t that hard figuring out I needed to become a journalist. As a teenager I developed an interest in all kinds of cultures and subcultures. I found it fascinating to learn more about what other people were doing in their daily life. I sort of specialized in talking and writing about gender because of personal interest and feeling it was my duty to tell the world that love is love and it’s not okay to judge people by their appearance. The refugee crisis needs more faces to represent it and when I met Ibrahim last year and he told his life story I just knew this documentary had to be made.”